It usually takes 30 to 45 minutes.

"No, the price is determined based on market rates," would be the properly punctuated and spelled form of the message.

"Yes, you can. However, each of our massage therapists is experienced and provides friendly service to every guest," is the corrected sentence.

"Yes, we have already given you a discount. Further bargaining is not allowed."

"No, the massage fee only covers the cost of the massage service. The transportation cost for the therapist is a separate expense and must be paid separately."

Given the numerous questions you have, we suggest that you might not be suitable for our private appointment massage service.

We have a large number of massage therapists located in various areas. We will select the nearest therapist for you.

It's preferable to pay in cash (Chinese Yuan). We also accept WeChat Pay and Alipay if it's convenient for you.

"Yes, a 200 RMB deposit is required before the therapist's arrival."